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Why use a Business Mentor anyway

There is such an array of help, guidance, coaching and training available nowadays for anyone starting or looking to expand their business; it literally makes your head hurt knowing where to start!

You are still trying to run your business and make money, and so eating into your valuable time when trying to find "what to do next" can lead you down a rabbit hole, and all of a sudden, you've joined 3 Networking groups, signed up to various online courses and spent more money than you actually made today.

Any investment in "self", whether that be courses, business groups or otherwise, comes at a cost in either time or money, but how do you define that return of investment? Perhaps you want to see an increase in your turnover, a better pipeline, or improve your work-life balance.

A Business mentor typically is someone who has vast experience of owning and growing a business, who has an impressive tool kit of skills with which to guide you as well as improve your confidence and business knowledge. You should feel empowered to make mindful steps from "employee mode" to "Employer/Owner/Director mode."

Working with a business mentor will help you:

  • Identify your goals

  • Challenge and improve your business processes, behavior & knowledge

  • Become more accountable

  • Improve your own management and leadership skills

A mentor/mentee relationship is just that! A relationship. It is a very personal thing, especially when you sharing an important part of your life and aspirations with someone.

Top tip: Most Business mentors offer free initial consultations. Make use of that; try at least two, maybe three, before choosing the best fit for you personally. If in doubt, ask yourself - Would I pick this person as a business partner?

Why not book a free consultation today to start your journey

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