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What is Reflective Practice?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

That’s easy, right?

I just think about what has happened and write it down. Just like writing in my journal at night about how awesome my day was and how I didn’t burn dinner!

Well, kind of…

Let us first think about your last client mentoring session, were you fully present? How do you even know that you were present? What does being present even mean?

Before we commit to paper think about a ‘single moment’ in that session, did you allow your mentee space to think, and then respond, or did you jump into that silence because:

1. It was an uncomfortably long gap.

2. You had a great idea as to how they could proceed.

3. You weren’t sure what was going on for them.

We’ve all been there, and in the above instances, all of the above answers were nothing to do with the mentee and everything to do with you.

Regular reflective practice should challenge your own thinking – Why did I feel uncomfortable with the length of the gap?

Why wasn’t I present or actively listening but instead trying to think of ways to solve the problem?

Did the mentee even understand the question?

Reflection is a healthy and vital part of any practice. Writing these observations down and bringing them to Supervision will help you gain fresh insight and understanding.

In their 2016 book Coaching Supervision – A practical guide for Supervisees, Clutterbuck, Whitaker & Lucas collectively agree that coaching supervision is a collaborative process facilitating coaches (and coach supervisors) to grow their reflective practice with a view to continuous improvement and professional development, client safety and the strengthening of professional identity.

Are you ready to start your supervision journey and get down with some insightful reflection?

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